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Practice & Experience

​We are the STARTUP of TDHI INTERNATIONAL. TDHI is part of the DH GROUP, which has been present on the international market since 1989. TDHI carries out its activity in the context of the internationalisation of companies. It helps you to consolidate yourself in your market and therefore, to introduce you to the international market. We work in all CEEMEA markets.

Everyone is focused on the development of Startups, new in new projects. Our group also does it through DHSTRATUP. Instead, we are focused on helping companies to reopen or work during covid 19.


 We are an atypical incubator. We don't deal with new companies. We take care of OLD COMPANIES. It seems a contradiction, but it is not. We take care of the old companies that have lost the markets, the products that have not gone out in the markets due to the lockdowns and all those projects that have been shelved or closed because the international market has totally changed.

Experienced Advisors

over 30 years of international experience combined with an exciting youthful spirit, coordinated by a worldwide group make us very interesting


Ability to Stay

One Step Ahead

there is no other way to be successful than to be ahead of others. We are there because TDHI is ahead. While others think we are ready to help SMEs. 

Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

Our experience, our knowledge and our skills can be very useful for your company. Or to you if you are a consultant.


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