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TDHI has signed agreements with important partners to obtain funds to help PMI after the pandemic years.

​From 10 05 2023, we will have new financial resources to be allocated to accredited companies already active in 2019, to new companies or new projects. Simao is a developer and incubator completely different from anyone else. Do not you believe it? Try to be accredited; let us work, and you will see the results.

It is undoubtedly a huge gift for SMEs which will benefit from it because, thanks to our TDHI Recovery and Development FUND, we will be able to finance the companies of the TDHI Group, thus paying part of the necessary services and work for accredited clients. We will pay for part of the work and subsequent development that we will do for them.


But it is also an investment that the TDHI Group has decided to prepare for the development of TDHI on the international market, confident that the results will pay off. We, together with the TDHI Group, will only select the companies in which we are confident of obtaining results to create a long and winning relationship.

Applications for SMEs to obtain the RECOVERY FUND can be sent to TDHI from 10 05 2023 to 31 12 2023.

International proposal ENG asap
Tarptautinis pasiūlymas LTU asap

The first refinancing of the FUND is active. From 10 05 2023, we can welcome your requests and evaluate your projects or products.

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